Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Writers Block

What can I possibly write? O Muse, where are you?
Here Muse, bless me with a story from God. Oh, Lord, this is my story to you.
Make it, forum it...through me. I am your pen, that's all.
Use me—I'll never run out of beautiful ink.
Word's shall flow—like never before.
This is my prayer Lord. I am your pen.
I never run out until you take me home.
This is it, I write your words with love for them.
Cradling like children, my reason for not needing them.
I find my life in words, that flow from the page with fever.
I know what my words can do.
Control them. Make them yours. I find my true love in these letters.
Why I lack the need for any man. I find my world, in these things you have made.
O Muse, Oh Lord, bless me, bless me with the power of words.


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