Thursday, July 15, 2010

What We Don't See Now

Look me in the eyes,
I know what you're thinking,
trapped between two doors.
Stuck at the fork in the road,
eager to take the most promising way.

Look me in the eyes,
I know where the pain is.
I've felt it before,
pain surging through like white hot iron on the skin. 

I know the pain is there,
I can feel it radiating off of you.
I know how it tears out from the inside,
trying to control your life.

Look me in the eyes,
and try to tell me that it's not real.
Try and lie to me and say,
'Everything is alright.'

I know when you lie,
because I've spoken those bitter words too.
I've walked on those burning coals,
trying to find a footing. 

Look me in the eyes,
tell me you love me,
because I love you,
and that's why I'm here. 


Let me start with this: I know my poetry isn't great. There are people with way better skill out there. I don't doubt it. But with this poem it's just not any poem. It's too so many people out there. Especially a girl I know who I met when I went to Texas. She's like my second cousin or something like that. Anyway, I know she's hurting. She's not afraid to tell me but I want her to know I'm there for her. Always. She has tremendous talent in poetry. She gave me one of her poems and it blew me away.

So this series is going to be about something that is really, really, close to me.

The Hurting Youth. 

SO, this is NOT the  the 1st post of the series, but it's ---the intro. 

I want YOU to think about the Hurting Youth though. Theres more to it than you know. Way more. 

So, here we go. I hope you'll enjoy it!!!


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