Friday, October 1, 2010

Who's Strong? I'm strong.

A topic fought over for years and years, from young to old. Girls are weak and boys are strong.
            Well, before I start I want to tell you I’m looking at this from a logical view. If my logic seems faulty tell me. Okay?
            So, have you ever heard someone say to you or one of your friends, “You can’t do this because you’re a girl, you’re too weak.” Or something along those lines. I have but not in a long time. Just in 1st grade where that’s pretty common.
            I won’t deny the fact that woman and men have different body builds and that, unfortunately, a woman’s build doesn’t make it possible for her to be as physically strong as a man could. BUT does that mean a girl can’t be strong.
            It’s a classic misdirection that aggravates me. Hey, I know, there will always be a stronger man for the strongest woman but once again, this doesn’t mean a woman can’t be strong!
            So, we’ve already established that men are always going to be able to reach a higher level of strength but a woman can still reach a certain level of it. Now, I might realize this but there’s something that has happened to damage this insight in most people. I don’t know what caused it but it did happen. Here is what I believe is going on here.
            Remember learning about slaves in America and all the horrors there? Well one thing I clearly remember reading and hearing about is that they wouldn’t educate the slaves. In fact…it was a crime. Slaves became know as dumb beast. Speech slow, couldn’t write, read, so on and so forth. Why do you think that is? That’s like throwing someone into a NFL football game, with no training, and expect him to win the game and when he doesn’t he a really bad football player. See what I’m saying here? So let’s apply what I’m talking about to the topic.
            Girls are weak, boys are strong.
            Now and days we’ve put our guys in a strange predicament. They have to be tough, fit, muscle-ly. How do you reach that? You do something makes you sweaty, stink and you could possibly get hurt in. What does this include? Mostly sports like football, basketball, and wrestling. I’ve noticed if there’s a guy who prefers, I don’t know, dance maybe then he’s a sissy. He’s not tough. He does a girly thing. True, dance is dominated by girls—in the ballet area. Anyway, so this dancing boy is just a major sissy. Maybe he’s gay! All because he’s doing dance.  So what do our boys go through? They have to be macho man.
            Now to the girls. What are they expected to be? Weaker? No, they aren’t. There’s nothing to be expected from them when it comes to being strong or weak. So is a girl going to work out unless it fits into what she likes to do? No, not really. Is she pressured to be tough? No, not really? So why do people think girls are so weak again? Remember, we all secretly know strong girls won’t always be as tough as strong guys, right? Well, then why expect a girl to be tough in anyway? I think we’ve slowly sunk in to this idea that, hey, girls are weak anyway; why try and get them fit? It’s also has to do with the fact girls have gentler spirits. (You know what I mean.)
            While a guy might find tackling people fun girls might find arabesque fun! They both build muscle though! They both make whoever’s doing them work out. So watching someone try and bring another person looks tougher, this I know, but does it make them tougher? Not really.
            One of my friends little brothers had the mindset (this was a while ago. He’s no longer like this.) that since he took football that made him so strong. Not saying he wasn’t, not at all. But there was also the idea that us girls who took dance weren’t because, well, dance wasn’t challenging. I laugh at the guys I know who are older than this boy and still think this. (I won’t go on this rant…)
            Here I conclude that what has happened is guys are told “Be tough!” and girls are a simple shrug and “Do whatever you want kid.” Since there is no pressure on the girls who aren’t sporty and such to be fit in anyway there aren’t many girls who can—well do a push up. (Not saying I can. I’m working on changing that though.)
            So what do you expects going to happen when your girl is in a situation were she has to defend herself? Is she going to do a good job? Mot likely not. Why? She’s never been asked to show strength.
            I’m not saying every girls should be buff! Not at all. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t pressure our guys to be fit and not expect a bit out of the girls! Also I’m not talking about ‘equality’ because I do know guys and girls a different. God made it that way for a reason. But he didn’t say “Girls are weak and boys are strong!” In fact he said different when he made us. He made it so girls can be a type of strong while guys can be a type of strong.
            Girls are strong and boys are strong. In different ways.

            I have more ‘boy/girl’ rants coming up. I have a feeling this one made no sense and that I gave off the wrong idea but at least I vented some what.

            By the way, to all the guys who think dancing is for sissies, I’d like them to look up pictures of dancers and just look at their muscles. Yeah. They’re sissies for sure.



  1. Boys and girls are definitely strong in different ways. And you're right about guys having to live with so much pressure to be 'macho man' while many girls do nothing to improve themselves physically (and I need some serious help in that area, so I'm pointing at myself as well when I say that) because they aren't expected to. Insightful post! Oh, and you've been tagged over at my blog :).

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! (For your thoughts and for reading the post! Haha!)

    Oooh, I've been tagged? How nice!

    And sorry it took me so long to reply. Limited computer accesses. :/

  3. Ballet may be dominated by girls at the community level, but on the professional/international level, the percentages shift. Male ballet dancers are well known and respected. It's really sad that boys shy away from ballet (and other types of dance) because of the 'sissy' label. Male dancers are top-notch athletes in a very competitive arena.


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