Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well this Blogger has sucked at Blogging.

Hey there guys!
 I know, I know, I haven't posted in--days, weeks maybe even a month almost. So, I'm sorry. I've been terribly bad.

How will I make up this hideous crime? Well, I'm not so sure but I will show you some of my NaNoWriMo. Would you like that? I hope so. But before I bless you with some of my most ah-maze-innng writing [snort] I'll give you a fun little fact about me.

I tilt my head while writing on paper and on the computer. I seriously turn it all the way to the side. I don't know why but I just do. I have a friend who sticks her tongue in her cheek all the time. So I guess I'm not alone. So here's what I want you to do: comment one thing YOU do that's really strange. It can be something you do while you work or when you're really doesn't matter. Just tell me!

Now to my NaNoWriMo.

Oh! Wait! Never mind. I also got some news for you guys!!! I STARTED DRIVERS ED! Whoot Whoot! I'm pretty dang excited. I mean, I'll be driving soon enough. Wow, I remember the days that I thought I had years to wait, you know? I guess life is flying by. Does that mean I have to actually, I don't know, mature now? Sigh. I hope I do. I'm trying to. Maybe I shouldn't force it. ANYway. Another comment opportunity: What something you miss about being younger?
Mine? Playing. All. The. Time.
I mean, I use to be able to play an Imaginary (as my friends and I use to call it.)  game any time I wanted too. It wasn't hard to do. I mean, I was a killer actor back then! [Hahaha] What happened? Sometimes it makes me wish I was still six, but instead I'm heading on to be sixteen. Life, where did you go?

So, NOW onto NaNoWriMo. Hum?

Okay, here's part of the first chapter. Enjoy.
 [Don't mind grammar, as usual.]

"She leaned back into the capsized belly of the stand. A small, gloomy sigh escaped her lips. She loved her job; it was all she knew but she was yearning for something new. Something other than the daily routine she had settled into or the simple missions she was assigned. No matter what Theo said she didn’t understand why she wasn’t in The Prophets house. After all, it was where she belonged. The House, the current house she lived in, was full of idiots who didn’t know a kick from a punch, a sword from a shield and a real assassin from a bumbling fool.
            Andorea was an assassin. One of the best. Theo saw that, she saw that, but she was still stuck in a house full of first-timers and idiots."

Yeah, that's all YOU get to read. Keep you on your toes. [Or it might be that I'm ashamed of how bad the rest of the writing is. Hahaha!]

So, love you guys! Keep on reading [IF anyone is...] and have fun!



  1. Keep writing! Only 39,478 words to go! (estimate :)

  2. Hm, something strange I do...
    When I zone out, my head tilts to the right XD I also hold my breath when I'm stressed.

    I definitely miss playing, too. (With you! Haha!) And...having TIME. It seems like all I do now is school work, you know?


  3. Kendra- I'm glad I'm not the only one. While working out I hold my breath too which is bad for you...

    Me too! I've tried playing imaginary games but just can't! How sad, right? And yes that stupid thing called time. Never enough. _-_

  4. Well I was going to comment that the strange thing I do was tongue in cheek, [bad pun, I know] but it looks like you took care of that for me. ;P

    I miss everyone being friends with everyone, there weren't cliques. Even the 'mean' kids played with us. I really miss that.

  5. Hatter- OH my. OH MY. Punny, punny, punny and not ashamed.

    Yeah, you and me both!!


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