Wednesday, November 17, 2010

School + Life = Insane?

Next week we have....


Those dreaded things. Those things that make your stomach churn and mind spin. Or at least that's what they do to me. Sadly. So, I have an Econ. Exam, a Sci. Exam and my Shakespeare project is due. I shouldn't be scared should I? Oh, but I am because that is MY NATURE.

No matter what I freak myself out about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. It's annoying to me yet I still do it. Lia hates Lia. Does anyone else do that though? Over-blow everything? What I usually do is freak out so bad that I try to be prepared but only drown myself in my preparedness therefore I mess up. Yeah, vicious circle.

Anyway, drivers ed is--okay. I swear if I see ONE more video about drunk driving I will personally sign my self up for rehab with out having a drop of alcohol once in my life. [Okay, once when my mom let me try wine. Ew.] I swear I will.

I'm sure they're trying to press the subject for good reason, in fact I know they are...but COME ON. Every single time so far we've talked about drug abuse, signs and how to kill yourself in a car. Sounds fun?

Plus side is that I get to see a lot of people I know and haven't seen in a while. Like Bethany and Matthew. So, yeah. And I've kind of made a new friend who's name is Emily. We talk and sit together. She's homeschooled, loves dance, loves art and is sweet! Plus--she's ANOTHER Emily!

Oh, I guess I should explain that. So my brother Aaron married an Emily about seven years ago. My brother Jordan married a Emily this past January. My brother Sam is dating a girl by the name of Esther---and her older sister is named Emily. And get this---all of them are Emily Ann's. Crazy, right?

Well, I got to go. Bible study!! [Well, hanging out with friends for me. Haha!]


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  1. Disclaimer: Mom allowed Jesse a SIP of wine, one little slurp, just enough for her to go "Ewwww". Mom did NOT allow her daughter to sit around DRINKING wine...that's mom's job. [Just kidding, just kidding]


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