Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Bucket List (In A Video)

I think this is the best ad I've ever seen in my life. I want to do everything in that video except the surfing and swimming with those darn sharks. I'm good with out that. But everything else?

I wanna do it so bad. I want to do all those things with awesome electronica playing in my ears. I want to BASE jump, skydive, snowboard, ski, etc. My bucket list in one video. I mean, did you see what that guy was able to do with that plane? Jaw drop.

And then there is THIS video. Everything in it is amazing.
I agree with the title. People are amazing! I mean, look who made us. DUH. And the world, oh my gosh, the world around us is amazing. Whenever I'm feeling pretty low about myself, all I really have to do is look out my window and be amazed.

Once again, I want to do almost everything in this video.

Oh, and did you see that guy jump over the car, while it's going? OH. MY. GOSH. And the flight suits? Crazy. The skier who just launched him/herself over the cliff? Wow.
It's amazing how far we've gone in exploring these things.

Gosh. Life can be exciting. I can't wait to try some of these things myself. Time to start working out more.


With Much Love,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Awards! :D

Hm. Terrible blogger doesn't even cover what type of blogger I have been of late. xD

So what better way to make up for it than rewarding people! YAY! :D

Let's just launch RIGHT into this.

Areesha Bilal at Me, Myself and I, I am proudly giving these two awards to!

I honestly do! You're such an amazing writer and you're not afraid to put what is on your mind onto your blog. I think that is awesome because you're being you and, in the risk of sounding sappy, that is the best person for you to be! :] And I love how your blog looks. Simple, but eye catching. :D And you have some of the best quotes. And you listen to some of the best music. :D

And, you also get:
You are always so amazing and encouraging to everyone! Thank you for all the support. I follow the some of the same blogs of you and see how nice and sweet you are to everyone and how you share your wisdom. (I don't have a SUPER DUPER WISE award. You'd totally get it if I did.)

This award also goes to Ovais at 18 Downing Street. He/you are always there to share the troubles and to offer a virtual shoulder to cry on. Thanks! :D

Now, you also get the Humorous Blogger Award. You don't know how many times your pictures have left me breathless from laughter. xD There are some that are embedded in my mind they're so funny! While one part of your blog is of your sad, low moments, those photos and your witty quotes make the other half of your blog joyful and hilarious. Your blog has two awesome extremes.

And to Hannah at Daises and Roses I give the Kreative Blogger and Beautiful Person award!
Hannah, since I know you in person, I don't think I have to explain. But I will. Your photos are amazing and so are your homemade soaps. And you're beautiful. So, yeah. xD

And that is all for now folks! Another time I hope to award more people! But for now that is all. xD

With Much Love,

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Style

You know how everyone has their 'style'. (Aw, gosh, this is going to be such a girly post)

I think I finally found my 'style'. Yes, finally! I believe it just might be vintage, from 40's to 70's. This was discovered when I saw Hannah's awesome neighbor's hair. She does her hair in vintage styles and she showed us her book of totally amazing vintage hair styles.

But as I started thinking and looking up pictures, I realized I freakin' love vintage everything. Anyway, I'll just cut to the chase.

Hannah and I went back in time and played 'dress up' again. I mean, uhhhhhhhhhh....yeah. And we took pictures, of course.

 Hannah was 1950's. So sweet. :]

And I was 1970's...sorta. 



I love it all. :D

With Much Love,

Thursday, December 1, 2011


No, I have not gone all Charlie Sheen on you guys. I'm just announcing the fact that I WON NaNoWriMo! ;D

Even after being knocked back a couple thousand words that soon multiplied, due to dance and finals (laziness too), I chugged along and reached of 50,000 words!

Um, yes, I'm excited.

And to celebrate I'm going to give you a few clips from last years NaNo story. :D

Clip 1

                Remy enjoyed her weekly classes with Professor Wik. The meeting had been disguised as a hour long piano lesson. But the majority of the time, the piano stayed under its velvet cover and a layer of grey dust.
                Every now and again Professor Wik would flick a slender, pale hand at the piano and with a bored look would suggest that it would not hurt them to actually put the old, creaky piano to work. Remy lacked all the qualities needed for to be a talented pianist, but she still enjoyed the pleasant feeling that pulsed through her fingers when she pressed down the faded keys.
                The feeling of playing the worn keys of the piano was none to the ones Remy received when she learned a new summoning, or perfected a tricky elevation, or most of all, the exciting tingling she felt in her fingers when flickering flames accumulated on her finger tips and danced across the room. Where she held no talent in playing the piano, she made up for every time her hands worked the air and created breathless magic.
                Professor Wik was a brilliant teacher too. He had a dreary, Dickens’ like look to him. His skin was pale as snow, blue veins twisting and turning under his translucent skin.  He had beady, black eyes under thick, arched greying eyebrows, occasionally trimmed. His forehead was broad, forever creased in thought.  To Remy, his nose looked like it had been made out of stone and stuck to his bony face. Under his stone nose were thin lips almost as white as the rest of his body.
                Professor Wik stood only a foot taller than Remy on spindly legs no bigger than twigs. He always wore a suit of charcoal grey or dark blue, his wispy hair combed back and put under a fedora every time he went out.
                Despite his grumpy old man appearance, Professor Wik was surprisingly cheery, making up for his dreary looks. He was in fact, quite opposite of his looks. Never was there a lesson that Remy did not receive a witty reply from him, or have him tease her in the most polite way. She remembered on Halloween, he good naturedly, or as much as he could, led the trick or treaters to believe he was a hundred year old sorcerer. Remy would laugh at the idea; the story was close, he was a sixty year old sorcerer, not quite one hundred yet.
                What Remy liked about Professor Wik most of all was his passion and love for the simplest of magic. Every time he demonstrate something for Remy, his eyes would light up like a child’s before a Christmas tree. Behind the bony, sickly looking man, Remy believe there was a young man bouncing around, ready to burst out of its confined."

               " Remy’s heart jumped in an excited beat, “You think I have a chance?”
                Professor Wik’s bushy eyebrows shot upwards, the amused look back on his face, warning Remy of another smart remark.
                “No,” he said, pulling the pipe out from between his lips, “I just thought I’d get your hopes up, and then shoot you right down.”
                Remy bunched her lips to one side, wishing a witty comeback would come to mind so Professor Wik was not triumphant over her in this conversation.  She fiddled with the seams on the lounge chair’s upholstered arms, changing the strings colors to whatever shade first came to mind.
                Professor Wik noticed his indecisive furniture and waved a hand at it, changing it back to its original color and gaining Remy’s attention.
                “So, Remy, does this sound appealing to you?” He asked, sunlight brushing through the dusty air and shining through his ready glasses. Remy laughed as she sat back in her chair.
                “Appealing? You’re telling me there is a school out there for kids like me, magicians, and I have a chance of getting in. This…this is like Harry Potter or something!” she breathed, delighted. The creases in Professor Wik’s deepened as his eyebrows kissed above his nose.
                “Harry Potter? This is nothing like it! This is not a school we’re talking about. This is basically an army training.”
                Remy flicked his complaint away with her hand, “Whatever. It’s exactly like Harry Potter. I’ll be going to Hogwarts. I bet I’ll meet some friends just like Hermione and Ron. “ Remy leaned over the chairs arm and the side table set in between them, “Do you think there is a dark wizard trying to kill me?”
                Professor Wik sighed and rolled his eyes up to the ceiling’s peeling plaster.
                “Calm down, Harry Potter.  I, Albus Dumbledore, won’t let anything happen to you at Hogwarts,” he cut her a frustrated look, “Is that better?”
                Remy giggled, “You don’t make a good Albus Dumbledore,”
                “And you don’t make a good Harry Potter.”
                “Why?” Remy asked, frowning.
                “Well,” Professor Wik said with a shrug, “Harry Potter is a boy. And unless you’re not telling me something, that causes problems. And…”
                Remy stopped Professor Wik’s sentence with a cold gaze. Professor Wik held his hands up in open defense.
                “You asked.” He pointed out as he hid his laughter, “But enough chit-chat. Back to what matters! How is the Rikua Summoning going? You haven’t killed anyone yet, have you?” "

As you can guess, Remy is a budding magician. The story is too complicated to sum up in a few sentences. :]
And sorry about grammar. xD

With Much Love, 



Friday, November 25, 2011


 These pictures didn't turn out like I hoped. :(

 I recruited my brother for picture taking. He was actually working on my recipe. 

 We drank out of goblets. :} Yessss. 

 From left to right: Jordan, Me, Mom, Sam, and Emily (Jordan's Wife)

Luna joined us in the pictures. She's quite the poochie. 

With Much Love,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Already Thankful

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. Way too quickly. 
Guys, I can basically remember every bit of Christmas last year. Time is flying way too freakin' fast. 

Anyway! (I can't go one post with out an 'anyway'.) NaNoWriMo is going. I'm super behind, but after this Tuesday, NO SCHOOL! YES. Which means more time to devote to my beloved story. :D

But, since it is heading towards Thanksgiving, I decided to do a series of 'thankful' post with photos. So, every chance I get between now and Thanksgiving, I'm going to make post about things I'm thankful for. You know, that classic stuff. 

Unto today's 'Thankful Photos!" 

I'm thankful for...

 Leaves. Beautiful, beautiful leaves. They're the beauty of this earth. 

 Honestly, I thank God for leaves. Most people don't look at them until it's too late. I love them. That is why I have so many pictures of them. 
 I should say I love leaves AND the sun. I mean, together they make me break out into giant grins. I love the sun. I love leaves. 

 I'm never really 'proud' of my photos. But these I've made an exception for. I love these. 

I'm also thankful for...

 Me. Sounds vain, but I'm thankful for being a creation of God's hands. And I also don't mean that in a goody-two shoe way. I'm just thankful that I have hands, feet, eyes, fingernails, hair, the whole deal. 
 I'm thankful for black & white photos too. 

 I also thank God for strange faces. Facial expressions are essential. 

So, I'm thankful. No matter how cheesy it sounds. 
Tell me, with a photo (link it), what you're thankful for. 

With Much Love,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am Alive

I promise.
Life has been insanely busy. Not a moment to sit and rest. Well, when I do, I forget about that fact that I haven't blogged in weeks, or I'm too tired to. So, finally, I'm proud to let you know...


And  I thought this alive, breathing (at the moment), moving (at the moment), teenage girl would show you some photography. I've actually been too lazy to upload a lot of pictures I've taken lately. So, these are collages I made. :]


I promise, once school is out, which is next week, there will be more time! I'll be able to focus on NaNoWriMo, dance and my blog again! YESSS! :D

With Much Love,

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