Friday, June 25, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance.

I know sometimes I can be too hard on myself. One of the area's I'm hard on myself is dance. I know I'm not a great dancer, not at all. But I love it. I grow angry sometimes when I can't do what some dancers can or what some old friend can. I envy them for what they can do.

But I have to remind myself two things:
How the snapple is anyone know about my dancing if I don't put my all out there and only do half of what I can do? I usually fear to actually get out there and move because--well that's just me being dumb. So here is where my first challange comes in:

'I will dance my best around otheres. Not just my mirrior." 

The other thing is:
I have to practice! I can just expect myself to be good at something right away. I have to remind myself that some of the girls I compare myself to have been dancing since they were five!!! I realize I need to hold my head high and practice as much as I can. If I don't get any better then, well, I'll know dancing is not my thing. If I do--well, we'll see! :D

SO, here's my challange to you!
If you fall get back up again.
Yeah, I know, that just made you cry. The cliche-ness reeks off that but honstenly. Try it. Fall? Get right back up!

So it's simple, we all will learn to fly but in the process we have to fall. ;)


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