Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Step Up 2- Find It

Step Up 2
-Find It-

Okay, you've got the confidence right? You got just enough to get by or a little too much? Ether way--here's the next step I want us to take to stepping up. 
It's called: Find it

Like I've said before confidence effects many areas in our daily life which means it also effects or willingness to do what God wants us to do. So once you've wrestled  that confidence into the right forum there is only a few things left to do. The next step is finding the place we God wants you to work for him! It may be from over seas ministry to suicide prevention--God works in all those areas, so you can labor there too!
You wont know right away--it's not like those films were something totally profound happens and beams of light come shooting from the sky, although it's possible not likely. So start anywhere and try things. Don't just poke at them though, if your with maybe a Animal Protection group then dig in and try to help. If your not sure this is your area then pray! Pray for a while and keep on working. God doesn't want us to throw up our hands in disgust every time something doesn't work out. In fact, he loves it when we keep on trudging along and preserver!

All though we really want to find out right on the spot it's not always going to be easy and that's a fact of life we must learn. You can see all through out the Bible that this is true. Paul suffered but he even wrote that he found joy in his suffering! Jesus paid the price for us and experience pain for us! You see that we have to realize that we can't always get what we want right away like a three year old begging for candy.

So we must apply ourselves and look around for the 'thing'(s) that suite us! Like me? I love to blog my thoughts for other people to read, I work with the National Right to Life group and with my towns Animal Protection Society! One of my brothers loved Habitat for Humanity.  When he was younger and up till only a year or so ago he'd work with them all the time. He even went to help where Katrina hit with them once. (I do believe)
When we do find our 'thing'(s) we might not notice that this is it right away. It might even take God practically screaming it in our ears. It happens all the time. Don't be embarrassed. ;) But you will one day find it if you keep your eyes open, pray and try to serve God best you can!

So there it is. Step 2, sort of.

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