Thursday, June 24, 2010

Step Up 3--Take Action

Step Up 3
-Take Action-

The last part to Step Up, my little series. First one I've actually completed! WHOOT! So here we go!

Last time I talked about Finding It or something like that. (Yeah, yeah, no laughing.) Anyway, I told you to find where God has laid your heart. Now, the next step can be the hardest or the easiest. Or maybe just like everyone or maybe somewhere in the middle. It depends on who you are. So here it is; Take Action.

Yeah, scary sounding isn't it? I mean---really who wants to I know I sure don't all the time. I think half the people (or maybe 3/4 ) of the world HATE to work. No one wants to do anything, at all. We all want a robot named Bob to do it all for us, and don't deny it because we all know it's true. We just want to be lazy. Lazy. Lazy. I'll amidit I love being lazy, it's how I do things all the time. But I'm slowly learning how NOT to be lazy. Long and painful process I know.
Anyway, back to tacking action.

Once you've found where God wants you to be; maybe working with a Pro-life group or Special Ed. kids. Ether way, it's where God wants you or needs you to be. He has a plan for us. None small, all big, no matter how small it may seem. When we have our 'place' we have to take action. Move on it! Work! Put your heart into it! Maybe you sing, sing for God! Maybe you voulnteer with an Animal Rights group, show God's love through loving animals! It's amazing how God can use us anywhere. We don't have to be feeding children in Africa (although that is an awesome thing!) but we can be helping a elderly woman find joy again! Or help our neighbor through a tough day. Just TAKE ACTION!

Do you think Jesus just sat there eating grapes of the vine, waving a hand at a servant to go away? NO. He did it. He took action. He preached, he loved, he prayed, he wrohsiped! He saved us all! HE TOOK ACTION!!!!

So, we know what we have to do. Take action, like I've said tons of times. We can't sit back and act like we can't do it or that others can do it for us. We must realize we must pick up our part of the burden and joy and walk with or fellow people. We have to take action. In order for causes or anything like that to get anywhere we have to work, work, work!

So first, we must gain confidence in ourselves and in God!
Second, we have to find what God wants to do with us!
Third, we must take what God has given us and spread it out around the world or our street.

Praise the Lord and TAKE ACTION!


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