Sunday, June 20, 2010

Step Up 1 (The New and Improved Version---or MY version)

Okay, excuse the name. It's lame and stupid, this I know.

So I'm going to make a little series called 'Step Up'. There are going to be about two or three more of these. So here is the first one. It's my first so it's a little rough and once again, sorry about my terrible grammar.

So, here you go:

Step Up
-Gain The Confidence-

One thing many of our teens today (teen girls especially!) our facing is confidence issues. Media has learned how to pry open those wounds further and demand our populations attention and obedience.  When confidence is lacking it causes other things in a person to lack. From social skills to academics. Confidence can be battered by depression, things people have said to you and you might just have a hard time loving yourself. Trust me, I've experienced all three!
Today though confidence is what gets most people through. You see a strong, well put person and wonder just how they do it. Well, it's confidence. Although they might not have a great confidence they have just enough to get them through. Confidence shapes who we are at times. Now the trick is just becoming confident!Here's some ways I gained a better confidence even though it's not the best one:
  • I listened to people when they complemented me. I might have replied negatively but I believed them. It helped me a ton. 
  • I began to look at myself in a better view. I wouldn't criticize myself when I looked in the mirror, I'd point out the good things. 
  • I'd tell myself I could do it even when I didn't think I could. It lead to more positive thinking.
  • I believed God didn't make junk. ;)
  • I didn't believe those lies I'd tell myself about myself. 

That's all it really took for me although it took a long time.  Years actually. But once you gain confidence you can do so much. Your able to look people in the eye, walk around with squared shoulders and chin up! You become a new person--just in a good way. When you gain confidence you can also become stronger in your faith.
Gaining confidence can come easily to some people and harder to others. Some of us have to grope around for it while other acquire it right away.
Getting confidence can change us and it's the first step to Stepping Up!

(OKay, poorly put togther and short but I wanted to get it finish and I have other things I have to go do. Sadly. :/ So hopefully the 2nd will be better!)


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