Sunday, May 30, 2010

Never fear, God is Here! (Cheesy!)

Well I really believe that I just had a heart attack last night. Let me recap then I'll tell you what I learned.

Well, lemme say I'm on my new old laptop that my dad gave-ith me. :D

Okay--back to the story!!!!

I was packing everything for the dance recital, which is TODAY. It starts at three and goes on--well for ever but anyway. I packed my Hip Hop, check, my ballet, check, my jazz---HOLY FRIGGIN COW WHERE ARE MY JAZZ SHOES???? I mean, seriously, that was the thought process. Going from calm to totally freaking out. Thankfully my mom was really calm about things and my dad was too. We looked around, everywhere they could be. All that we could come up with was I had left my jazz shoes at the studio or Hannah (my wicked awesome best friend) had accidentally grabbed them. I was literally on my knees praying and crying. Yeah, I was freaking out, which kind of annoyed my mom because she was sensible and levelheaded about the whole thing...while I was not.

It turns out that my shoes ARE at the dance studio and the Mrs. Corky---my dance teacher--will be bringing them for me. I love that lady. xD

Anyway, here's what I've kind of learned about this:
Prayer isn't just---just prayer. It's talking with the Most High God. I think we fail to see that sometimes when we pray. We just act like we are talking to ourselves. The truth though? We are talking to our best friends, our father, our king, our everything!!!! And don't we hate it when people half-hearted talk to us and don't give us their full attention. Well, imagine how God feels if we do that to HIM. Our KING. Not really nice is it?

So that's what I was thinking--maybe when it comes to praying we should focus on God just a little more. :)

Thank you Lord my God for saving my butt. :)


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