Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Theory of Wisdom

My theory of wisdom,
settles on a book.
It's charming ways,
and ranting looks,
into what lay ahead.

Numbered sentences,
tell me now,
the best way to go.

Foolish folly,
and bright wisdom.

Knowledge and growth,
happiness in the heart.
Seeking what is right,
while surrounded by the wrong

'Tis funny to think,
people sound so brilliant,
when they say the same thing,
as my book does tell me!
My theory of wisdom,
is powerful and deep.
It sits under  books,
known to many.

Filled with words,
it tells the best path to take!
Written by some of the wisest men!

It tells me of a lady,
with more beauty than ever,
who speaks words,
wiser than mine

My theory of wisdom,
comes from a book,
written years before my time.
Why don't you,
my friend,
come take a look. 



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