Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The kind of hypocritical things we do #1

The Kind of Hypocritical Things We Do #1

#1: We doubt.

I think we all do this, I think we do it unconsciously  most of the time. Say someone just said a pray over your rode trip to, hum, I don't know--Texas?--yeah Texas. As you all clamber into the car you say, "Boy, I hope we get their safely," or "Goodness, I hope the car doesn't break down," (I'm aware that none says "Boy or Goodness" like that anymore. Okay? xD)

Now, I wouldn't really call the doubting but I would at the same time. Let me explain. You just prayed to God that he'd keep your trip safe and that there be no problems, right? When we pray we should have faith that God will hear our prays, correct? Well then, those small statements of 'doubt' can be a little more powerful than you think. The build up the foundation for doubt to be made upon. Even if you do believe that God will protect you on that trip those statements can easily gnaw away at your positive outlook. You might find yourself worrying before you know it.

I highly doubt any of us really say that to tell God; "I'M DOUBTING YOU. I TOTALLY DOUBT YOU." I mean, yeah, it happens. Sometimes when we are mad at God or questioning him we began to openly tell him we don't trust him. Him being the amazing God he is takes it and slowly, quickly, painfully and easily draws us back to him. (I'll go into that a little late, kay? Kay.)

Here's another example:
You're praying for your friend who is in the hospital. You ask God for healing and wisdom for the doctors. A little later you find out she's in the hospital because she was in a car wreck and she is in serious condition. Your telling some one you know, lets say your neighbor, about it. You tell them, "Well she's in a really bad state--they're wondering if she's going to make it."
That's not doubt but it's building grounds for doubt. It would be much easier for you if you just told your neighbor, "She's in a really bad state. I mean, really bad."
If they ask if they think she's going to make it you can simply say, "I don't know, because I have faith that God will take care of it." I know we run into the problem of when your friend actually doesn't make it you feel like God let you down, but it'll be easier to have faith. Have faith that God will get you through everything and anything. Doubt sneaks in easily and won't leave you alone. So try and stand tall in God!

Trust me, I don't always stay positive about things but it's good to exercise it! Practice makes perfect as they say. I know, you probably just cringed when I said that. Who doesn't anymore. or to put it better: ANNOYING.

Hoepfully that made sense to y'all. Hopefully.

Your insane buddy!

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