Saturday, May 22, 2010

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Play! :)

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was the play my homeschool group put on last night. It went amazingly well. We didn't have a nice big stage, we had a small church's stage, and we didn't have tons of money to throw at it--but we did it!!!!

I played Mrs. Beauregard ( I think I spelled that right...)! I don't really know how I did but I know all my fellow cast members did GREAT! (By the way Hannah, song rocked!) The strange thing was though I wasn't the least bit scared till I stepped right onto that stage. I was shaking so bad and I thought I might puke then and there. I didn't though, thank goodness. But the weirdest part was when I was done with my part and I had been dragged off the stage by Ompaa Loompas I sat down back stage and broke down. I was on the verge of tears and about to hurtle. I guess I didn't realize until then how stressed I was, but before the play I never, ever felt my stomach grow upset from nerves or anything like that. I didn't know what was wrong with me!

I stayed like that the rest of the night, I even cried myself to sleep for the most part. It was horrible--it put me in a terrible mood which might I add is NOT a good thing for me. :/

The Ompaa Loompa's were adorable on the plus side! They had orange dots on their cheeks and green hair. Oh my goodness--the little boys hated it when I called them adorable!!! Right up till the play though they had been singing their songs too fast or too slow. Also some might be on one line while the others might be on a total different line. But guess what! They got it right on play night! I guess everything seems to come together no matter what on play night!!!!

Since I was playing a mother I had to wear this HIDEOUS dress! It was this light blue made out of a thick fabric with SQUARE silver buttons. There is no way to describe how ugly it was. My friend Allie called me 'Grandma' Beauregard. (Really, I have the meanest friends on this planet. xD And I'm mean too, but that's okay.)

We had to take out a few scenes, we were using the old movies script. Not the new movie. I did not like the new one with Johnny Depp.Although I love Johnny. ;)

Our director: Mrs. Michelle Vantrease is AMAZING. I mean she pulled this play together in just a few months. Kudos to her!!!!! *hugs my 2nd mother* (I call her my 2nd mother. I also have a 3rd, 4th and 5th!)

Our stage hands/ crew were great too! I mean, they had everything out and ready in seconds. Kudos to them too! Luckily they didn't have any real set backs--they did great though anyway.

It's amazing to hear some of the kids who were freaking out so bad, and basically going crazy over the whole thing now saying "IT WAS WONDERFUL!" and so on and so forth. Then there is the kid who was perfectly calm who nearly had a break down that night. What is up with that?!?!?!

It seems like no matter what when everyone gets on the stage and it's the real-deal everything flows. It's like instinct.It's like all that praying works--I mean I know it works but when it actually moves you into something it seems even more extraordinary than you though. And sometimes it feels like God's just sitting there being the director! He IS the director but in a totally cool way. I'm sounding cheesy now, aren't I? I'll stop. All that I'm saying is that instinct is pwnge. It's awesome. Amazing. :)

Well that's all for now folks!!!!

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