Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Start to an Old Blog

Well folks, here we go.
Hopefully I can get my act together. Think I can, let's hope I can. With this new 'Lia' maybe I can find the urge and eagerness to actually get somewhere with this blog. But I have to give thanks to Hannah who reminded me by showing me her blog that I still have this blog and that I needed to work on it.

Here's my mission with this blog:
-Give you my thoughts--even if they aren't always right!
-Minster to all my fellow teens. ;)
-And make you laugh--I hope.

Anyway, here's the countdown people! This has been one of my dreams and I guess I should reach for it, right? (I won't be this cheesy always. Don't worry. I like my cheese solid and tasty.)


Welcome to the Magnolia House. Where I house my thoughts.

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