Sunday, August 15, 2010

All I have to say is that To Save a Life, the movie has pushed me even harder to do what God has asked me to. 

I wrote this poem, along with others, this past June. This will be my message. I kept the typos for a reason.

I am stronger than you know,
I've fought the toughest battles,
a matter of life and death.

Now I can tell you,
reading from the past,
not to give up on the hope that sits before you.

I know of the thoughts that drive you into insanity,
the words that hurt more than ripped flesh.
I know you don't want to loose it all,
at the same time you want to give it all.

I swear I know,
how you feel when the floor swallows you,
leaving you gasping for air.

I can feel the tears representing the pain,
pouring forth, which you can not hold.

I know, that you can make it through,
although it all seems bleak,
I know the burden your hold,
as it slowly pierces through.

You seem afraid,
this I know, but I also know,
all is not lost.
If you stand up with me I can show you,
what got me through.

I will help lead you to the light,
which brings life.
Although I still stumbled I'll still hold you,
with all my strength.

Take all the pain,
and put it in the past and walk away.
Forgive yourself what you've done to your heart.

I've already been there in a different way,
listen to what I have to say.
I know you hurt,
and I know your pain.

But I swear I can help you,
get out of here.
I swear I can love you,
like you've always wanted.


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