Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am Madly in love with the Opera Ghost


Why, yes I am now reading The Phantom of the Opera and I am thoroughly enjoying it. And yes, I love the Opera Ghost so far. An yes, I am in love with him...after all guys in books are better right? 
I have gotten but only so far in the book and even though  I hate sappy romances I do like the book so far. There isn't a BUNCH of sappy things (from what I've read mind you) which I find pleasing. Even though I HATE romances (with a passion) I find this one very...nice. So, I'm not even sure if it qualifies as a romance, but it does for me!

Anyway, I swear I'm a friggin' insomniac. I've been having problems for what seems like forever and finally told my mother and now, no matter what, it's getting worse. *le sigh*

But anyway. I wish I was in dream land right now, but alas I am not. Because here's how the story goes: 
I was really, really tired last night. I went to bed around 10:30 and didn't fall asleep to 11-ish something. Usually I don't fall asleep till about a hour after I got in bed. (Or much, much longer actually.) Luckily, I fell asleep pretty quickly for me. 

THEN I woke up. Fell back asleep...
Woke up at five and have been up since. This is when coffee would be nice. And it's not just a random thing, I have been having problems sleeping for a while. Looooord help meh!

Okay, I'll stop complaing now I guess. I just--want some sleep. -_-

So, I love you O.G. 



  1. I want to read the phantom of the opera. I think Jess got it from edmckays. Not sure.

    I know how you feel sleep wise. Try playing music [if you don't already] that usually helps me.

  2. It's really nice, once again. I'd think you'd like it. It seems more your type than mine. :)

    Oh, I do, but I'm thinking I should try and play softer music. x)


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