Monday, August 30, 2010

My Soldier Bleed and Died

I keep on seeing these post people make on Facebook (Oh, that dreadful thing...) with videos that support our troops.

I also see people 'liking' things that don't.

So, I was thinking about our troops and what they do, due to this one video my mother posted. (Mother! What a way to make me CRY. These types of videos are the only ones that can make me cry so hard. That's why I can't watch Black Hawk down and such...) In this one part the grandfather (you'd have to see the video. I'll put it on here at the end.) says, "I fought for you" and he's looking at his grandsons. Then another one turns to the camera and says, "I fought for you."

That's when I began to think about it. (When I think it seems to be dangerous, is it not?)We say no one cares about our country and such? I mean, I hear it all the time. "Our country is falling apart." And this--this is so true. So many things are happening in America that weaken the heart. But THINK about this--what about the men and woman who go into our armies and fight. Don't you think that's a sign that there is still hope? Not getting to you? Lemme try this.

Okay, so I know some people go into the army blindly. A lot don't though. They go in because they know this is where they need to be. And I also know some are recruited and have to (such and such...). Here's the thing though--they still fight for us don't they? They 'get down and dirty' just for their home land. Just for their family. Just for people they don't know. Can you believe that? Would you openly walk into a danger zone just for a random person? Think--would you really? I'm firmly believe that I probably wouldn't. But they do. Every day, every night sometimes.

You know what I think of when I think about this? I think about how Jesus died on the cross--just for us. People who mock him, tease him and turn our backs on him. We accuse him and spit at him.

Isn't that what people are doing to our troops? Hey now, I'm not saying our troops are Jesus--no I'm saying they are experiencing in a sense what Jesus did. Sure, they aren't taking the sins of the world but they are going in harms way for YOU and yet half of America calls them 'killers' and 'murders'. Think about during previous wars! Was it not (excuse me if I'm wrong...) the Vietnam Wars (I feel like I'm wrong!) that people would throw rocks at the army buses? In this current war--America's been no better.

I personally want to thank each and every soldier who's out there. Even if they don't want to be. Even if they're not on the 'frontlines'. Even if they've never seen battle. I want them to know that I appreciate and love them.

I also want to thank every Veteran. Where would we be with out you? I truly love you guys. God bless.

So, all I'm saying is our troops give more than we think about. I know tons of people say it but we need a reminder. ;]

Thank God for our troops and God bless 'em too!

So, that's all I got to say for now. I hope you enjoy!


The video:

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