Friday, August 20, 2010

Lady Gagme and the cult of 'wannabers'

Ah, celebrities. What person doesn't secretly envy their glorious lives? Who doesn't sit watching the T.V grinding their teeth in jealously? And of course, who doesn't know who Lady Gaga is?

You don't know who she is?
Let me fill you in. Now.

Let's enter the secular world really quick, just for a second.
Lady Gaga is a new sensation. She's been taking over the radio, CD stores and just about everything else. But not only that she has her own unique style. She's worn things like a ribbon on her fave to practically nothing! She encourages people to be themselves. What a great message, right? She's not a faker, shes the real deal.

Please, gag me with a sweet potato.

Now into my Christian-like view.
Who is Lady Gaga? Well, Lady Gaga is--is--I could insert a lot of mean and bad words here but I won't. Anyway, who do I think Lady Gaga is? Well before I start she is defiantly not a lady. Lady Gaga might have some nice music [I do amidit that I like her song Alejandro a lot] that a lot of the world likes BUT her message has her all wrong. How she dresses, how she acts and her music suggest she's 'being herself'. Really? No. She's making herself what the world wants. Maybe I got her wrong but from my view I see her molding herself into the worlds wants. She became insane [haha] to be noticed. Just like a kid who acts up to be given attention from their parents.  See what I'm saying? She claims to be one way but she's actually the opposite. Since she is so 'big' [as in popular] she has a influence of people of all ages. I was looking at the newspaper and they had an article about a Lady Gaga concert. I read the caption to one photo of two girls who couldn't have been any older than tweleve, arm and arm in Lady Gaga outfits they made up. I cringed. I couldn't help but think about all the kids that hear Lady Gaga. I mean, I can hear her and inturpet the wrong from right in her songs [which are mostly filled with wrong...] but can these kids? I don't know and that scares me!

Lady Gaga also seems to promote 'Do what you want, it's okay.' She presents this attitude of the 'there is no wrong and right'. I of course, disagree. The line of wrong and right is vivid. Each and every one of us knows that because--well--we have a conscious. If there was no wrong or right our hearts wouldn't feel guilt would they? Or joy when we do right?

So, I like some Lady Gaga music but can I openly praise her for her work? No.
Even if she is a genuis in some sense. She has marketed herself perfectly. Like I said, she has molded herself to what the world begs her to be.

So, Lady Gaga and your 'wannabers' watch out.



  1. "Gag me with a sweet potato."
    I like that, I'll have to start using it!! lol.

    Good post. The same is true for Ke$ha [Even though I do several of her songs]. She's all about: "Being yourself" but you can tell shes a faker.

    On a different topic, you and I need to hang out soon! Next Wednesday I'm leaving for DC and I won't be back until the next Monday night. And then that Saturday I'm leaving for Nashville for almost three weeks. AHHHHHH. We need to have at least one sleepover before then!

  2. @Hatter/MehGracie!- Yeah, I agree! Ke$ha is a bit like a Lady Gaga wannabe but--on less heavy drugs. x]

    WE DO. We MUST. We must get our mothers to talk about that.

    That whole 'Gag me' line came from forever ago. I think it was what Stephanie said during sappy part of a movie and it just kind of stuck. :]

  3. Haha, yeah. xD At least Ke$ha wears clothes sometimes! :O I actually love her outfit in the first part of Tik Tok if it was a bit more modest in areas.

    Yes, please talk to you mom about that!

    Haha, its good! :] And of course, I also like, Gag me with a spoon or some junk.

  4. Haha! Yeah, I agree! I liked that one too. I liked her boots. [We sound girls!!]

    I will when I get the chance. ^^

    Me too! *gags*

  5. Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder why?

    Thanks. But actually, now that I'm looking at the calender, I'm not sure if its gonna work for me at all. IDK.


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