Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To the best person in the world.

So, today is my mothers birthday. So in honor of this amazing person I'm proud to call my mother I am going to make this whole post to her! And for her I'm going to make a list of things that make her so flippin' awesome that not even Chuck Norris can touch her.

Here we go mother:

  • You, mother, work to pay for the things I want to do. How could you? 
  • She sacrifices so much for me! Just me! How does she do this? 
  • You are so wise, wise, wise, wise. Everyone around you knows it and tells me all the time.
  • She is looked up too by everyone. (Even if she is shorter than most people.) 
  • You feed me. A lot. I love you for that. 
  • She has a wonderful voice.
  • You are so beautiful mother. Daddy always tells me I got my good looks from you. I believe him. :]
  • She comforts me all the time.
  • You talk to me and you don't lie to me about things. You really don't beat around the bush do you? x] 
  • She spends time watching dumb comedies with me. 
  • You listen to me whine about my life! 
  • She is so DANG SMART. How come I'm not that smart (and just so you know I typed 'start' instead of smart. >.<)
  • You make me laugh with all your puns and silly jokes. 
  • She is so supportive. 
  • You are the best mother there's ever been. I look at all these other mothers and wonder---how did I end up with the best mom there possibly is? 
  • She cooks. I hate cooking. I love you for cooking mom. 
  • You are one of the best poets, writers, artist, ect. that I know. 
  • She watches AGT with me. Thank you!
  • You helped me build my confindence. I love you!
  • She helped me through all those rough times. She gave me REAL advise. She was so truthful. 
  • I don't really know what else to say other than you are the most amazing person I've ever met. I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love you! I don't know what I would do with out you. I really don't. I love you!

Happy 51st!!!!!

God Bless You!


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  1. Ahhh, thank you!
    Wait, you like my cooking?
    I love you!


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