Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fight Like A Man

(Excuse all bad grammar and spelling.) 

Fight Like A Man
(Woman included. Duh.)

I've always wondered why I sit on my butt while I could be running around having fun. Oh—yeah--I'm lazy. I mean really, who would want to get exercise and be fit? Not me. Who would like to be able to make it to 90 and still be working out? Not me. Would would like to do something with themselves? Certainly not me.
Well the truth is I would love to fit, I don't want to make it to 90, and I would love to do something with my life. Here's the thing though—I'm lazy. Just like I said before; I'm a friggin' lazy hump on my bed, couch, or comfy chair with a computer placed on me. Hey, I got some muscle and I'm not hopelessly over weight but I could do more, couldn't I? So using my all around laziness as an example I'm going to talk about the laziness that most Christians, Conservatives, Pro-Lifers, ect have.
Sure, there are those Christians and Conservatives who fight like crazy for what they believe. I don't know the percent of Christians who actually witness (although I tried to look it up) but how many fellow Christians do you know who try to share the gospel with at least one person a week. I know I don't, sadly. Why is there such a lack of work and zeal for Christ? The obvious. We're all so dang lazy and self-adsorbed. You might be rolling your eyes and be thinking, “How many times have I heard this same old guilt trip?” But this isn't a quilt trip. It's a slap in the face. A wake up call. It's the TRUTH. Don't you ever feel like God's kicking you in the rump because your—sitting on it doing nothing. I do. I think we all become so comfortable with our lazy ways we tend to think doing some of the littlest things are big things. We also tend to claim that we just don't know how to do something, aren't convicted and so on. Why do we make these excuses? Because as I have said about thirty times; we're lazy. Yeah, yeah, you're sitting there thinking, “OH come on! Do you understand what I have going ON in my life??” Heck yeah I do! But God's so gracefully made it that no matter what we are doing, where we are and who we are we can share our faith. What about poetics? It's way different than sharing your faith you might say. As I said, God's blessed us with the ability to do THAT anywhere.
So whats another reason why we don't fight for what we believe other than laziness? Well—let me think. We're afraid. Afraid to be outcast, to be proven wrong, to fail, to try, of conflict. We're little 'fraidy cats. We see what happens to people who step out and fight for their beliefs. They are called things that make you nervous and they are treat so differently. You don't want this too do you? No one really does but we have to take it! God didn't ask us to sit behind a screen and ashamedly confess that we believe in Christ and we have values we want to keep, he asked us to STAND UP for him. He told us we would be persecuted. He told us! He also told us that we'd be rewarded in Heaven. You know—that place up in the sky where the streets are paved of gold? Yeah, that place. So we also let fear blind us and hold us back.
Okay, now that I've probable confused and bored you here's what else I got to say. We need to start working and fighting. Really quick make a list of things in this world that are going wrong or have been wrong. Make a list till you get to, I don't know, ten. You made a list pretty quickly didn't you? Way too quickly. Doesn't it sicken you what is happening to this world? To our country? To the people around you? Well I'm going to quote a line that has been in almost every cheesy movie there is on this planet, “Watcha ya gonna do about it?”
Really! I mean it. What are you going to do about it? I'm talking to myself too! What am I going to do about it? Well my blog is one of the things I'm going to be doing. It's my first form of 'exercise'. I'm going to be 'fit' enough to fight for what I believe in! My blog is like the daily push-ups for me. Next step after my blog? Talking to people about things like faith and political stances more with out being ashamed. Those will be my sit-ups. After that? Being active in events like the Pro-Life rally. That will be my mile jogging.
See what I'm saying here? It's time for us to get fit and fight! Fight like a man(woman too. Duh.). Fight like you mean it you pansy! You sissy! Don't give up in the middle of this raging war. God sure hasn't, then why should we? Kick, punch, bite, throw hissy fits till you got nothing left in you. I imagine if we are were to fight in such a way we'd never have a problem with the world but we don't so there are tons of problems. SO in that case we should at least try and get it on the right path, you know? So you lilly livered pansy let's get our butts of the couch, put down the electronics and McDondales hamburger and jump into the ring! Put up a fight for whats right! Let's pin those atheist, liberals and all those other crazy people to the mat and make them beg for mercy. Ding, ding!

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