Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Fall of Fate by Lia

Here is part of a random story I am writing. Enjoy! Ignore my terrible grammar, please! And tell me what you think--even if it's just my mother and friend who read this. I'm willing to live with that. :]

Pain tore through every inch of Gabri's body. The unbearable ache was pushing her to the terrifying brink of insanity. She knew this was the way it was suppose to be though. This was the truth; the one thing that held her back from letting out that desperate cry for help that sat right behind her bloody, chapped lips. She blindly stumbled down the school hallway as the hot pain surged through her like the very blood in her veins, burning with furious intensity inside of her. The scream that itched to spring from her swelled up in a restlessness before slowly settling back down in her chest. She was almost there, almost to the very doors she had stared at minutes ago with a positive attitude towards the whole thing. How could she have been so ignorant, so narrow sighted? Only a fool like her would stride right into this painful torture.
A couple more slow, sluggish steps and she would be there. She would be out of this hell hole she had fallen into. With all the strength she could summon through all the pain she flung herself on the door. It swung open and she fell forwards onto the hot pavement. Everything was hot. The pavement, her body and the blood that trickled down her neck and legs. Her breathing became slower, a little more even. She was out. She was safe for now. She laid sprawled out on the school parking lot for a while before she heard the soft footsteps—again. She winced as her breathing became erratic. No, this couldn't be. They had left, left her to die! She swallowed, she had lost all strength long ago and had been running on pure adrenalin. The footsteps were coming so very fast. Fear blended in with the aching she was experiencing, causing salty tears to run down her dirty cheeks.
“No!” she gasped. Talking felt like swallowing nails, her mouth and throat were so dry. If they did one more thing to her she knew she wouldn't survive. The small sliver of hope she had seconds ago about coming out alive were vanishing, along with her consciousness. She could feel herself slipping in out, edging herself on. If they were going to to attack again she would rather that she was not aware of their brutal beatings. She could feel the tug of unconsciousness on her and willing let it pull her in. She was almost lost in the black fog when a hand rested on her back in such a gentle way it startled her. It couldn't have been one of them, they couldn't have been so gentle if they wanted to. She let out a small sigh; maybe it was help. Maybe. 



  1. Jess, you are such a gifted writer. Please don't ever stop. And finish a story, please!

  2. I'm working on it! I'm working on it. If you didn't make me do schoolwork I could just write allll the time.


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