Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For the Third Post of the Day...

Sam! Miss you bro!
I was stupid and looked at some of my brother's Facebook pictures. Now I kind of miss him.

Hey I know there are people who would love to have a brother and I should be happy but I can't help but revisit those old, bitter feelings. I do miss my brother. Even if the 'brother-sickness' hasn't effected me lately it is at the moment.

Hopefully, like him, I can find my friends who are my solid ground. I have great friends (like Hannah and Stephanie/Sarah, ect.). I found them already, this I know, but may our relationships grow as strong as his friends and him have! I envy them. I guess it also has to do with their age, you know? I'm not saying my friends aren't close and aren't cool. Quite contrary!  I guess I'll never be abel to explain what I mean--nothing new.

So, to you Sam--as small poem you'll never read.

Thoughts etched on this page,
never could express the meaning they have in my mind.

They'll never amount to,
the strength they hold in my heart. 

As you grow and I follow close behind,
making paths in the forest we call the world,
I find that I no one could be more worthy,
of a loving pat on the back than you.

I look onto the future and she me sketched like you,
I can only hope to be like the one before me.

I look into the past as I stumbled behind you,
and find I still walk in the your footprints.

I can only dream of the days that you live now,
but I know that you live them well.
I can't wait to be you in the future,
forging my path in life with vigor. 

I, Sam, plan to be just as well a person,
as those before me,
who planted the seed of hope in my heart. 

I, my brother, promise to be your pride,
making good of your impression,
and showing the love that you mistakenly showed me.

You, my brother Sam, are just another reason,
I strive. 


Oh, by the way--happy birthday. :]


  1. Sam's official job designation was interpreter for Queen Sheshee, Queen of the Sheshenites! Eventually he was made Ambassador at Large for the Realm :)

  2. Jordan- You don't get one. Actually you got one forever ago.
    And who the heck gave you the link to my blog?

    Kendra- Aw, thank you!


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