Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's a Sad, Sad day in it's own Sad, Sad way.

Ahh, those days that just drive you insane. You feel bad and sad. Blah, blah, blah. I won't throw my troubles at a non-existent audience but anyway.

   Anyway, I feel like doing some type of list but I don't know just what to do. Think, think, think....

I got it! I got it! I'll do a list of the top 5 jobs I'd love to have!! Here we go:

  1. Dance Instructor

            I love dance. I really do. Even though I'm really hard on myself about it I love it. I'd love to teach ballet or hip hop in the future. Maybe one day that dream will  come true--if I keep on practicing and pushing myself! Right?

 2. Photographer
         Of course I also love photography. When ever I'm feeling kind of worthless it cheers me up because it's one thing I know I can do. Which make me happy.
3. Move Director

       Yeah, I know. You don't hear a lot of people saying that but it sounds like an amazingly cool job. Although I think being able to act yourself would help, right? But I would love the job anyway.
4. Digital Artist 
           Simple--I would love that job because you can use your imagination freely. Anytime. 
And last but far from least....

5. A Writer

     I've been writing since my friend showed me Microsoft word, really. I love it--even though I struggle with it and tend to be too hard on myself!

    So, there you go. My dream jobs in a list o' 5. Here's what I want you to do: list your dream jobs. As many as you want. I did five to keep my self under control. Tell me what YOU wanna be when you grow up or if you've already grown up what you are or still want to be. :]

Now, I think I'll make another list---for the heck of it.


  1. Let's see, today my top 5 jobs would be: master gardener, internationally known writer/poet, naturalist/field biologist, baker extraordinaire,and a horse whisperer. How's that?

  2. I think your is a little more exciting than mine...
    Good list! I want you to become a baker please.

  3. I think I'm lame, I only have one thing....


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