Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Week has Come and Is Passing.

So for starters I think I might change the blogs name. To what you may ask?
To Unknown Minds. Lame sounding? Yes. But it's connected to me (look at my poems, they're interrupting an important moment in my life.)

So, I'm not sure. What do YOU think? Oh wait. No one comments on here. COMMENT DANG IT.

Now to the serious discussion on this post.
Yesterday was Classical. (For those who don't know what that is here is a link: Classical)  During class yesterday my tutor, Mr. Bailey, was talking about how he was going to pair up debate partners. He, at one point, said he was going to pair someone he knew was going to work hard with someone who might not. (Not his exact words but you get the point of it.) It made me wonder though--would I be one of the hard working ones?

What would I be classified under? The lazy group or the 'good' kids? Am I actually doing what I should be doing? Am I working hard enough or just scooting on by?

So I have a goal this year. This goal is obvious. Become of the hard working students that people want to be paired with for debate partners. :]

So, yeah, that was the serious side of this post.
I'm about to make a post about my Top 5 Linkin Park songs ( at the moment) and my Top 5 Mainstream songs. Get excited!!!



  1. No, no , no! Don't change the name of your blog! By the way, nerds rock.

    AND-- you are a good student! Now's the time to learn how to LEARN. You are doing it!

  2. Gotta agree. Magnolia Tree beats Unknown Minds, hands down. That is, unless it's a blog about sociopaths (or, perhaps, autism).



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