Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cole Press

{Cole Press}                                       
Full Name: Cole Alexander Press

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Generally quite, thoughtful and restricted. He doesn't seem to friendly until you get to know him.

Appearance: Um, indescribably hot? Yeah.

Signification In Story: Akita's host family 'son'.

Back Story: Grandparents own a Ranch and farm where him and his parents live.  His parents work in the lab that is conducting research on Akita. Spends most of his time helping out on the ranch or playing soccer.

Cole is silent, in a sense. He never says much, verbally, but as they say: 'Actions speak louder than words'. Although he does have his flaws, a lot of them, he maintains a good reputation everywhere. He works hard in school, is great at soccer, among tons of other things and has never caused his parents any trouble. Until he disappears, along with Akita, who they were hosting, and that mysterious boy lingering around their ranch. Slowly, after connecting the dots they find their son is caught up in the mystery of Akita and The Lost and the deadly conclusion that lays ahead.


Yeah, I didn't really try with this one. It sucks, I know. But William Moseley. Hey, one of my neighbors last name is Moseley! Maybe their related? xD No, my neighbor is black---nevermind. Anyway, I think I like Cole. I think he's pretty dang cool. Not as cool as Xavier but certainly better looking. Haha!

I hope all is well with all you people.
I truly do.

Good-night and good-bye.



  1. oh my word he is fine ;)
    Really though, thats an awesome character, plus his name is Cole which is equally awesome.
    And if he looks like William Mosley he is triple awesome.


  2. I know, William Moseley makes every character look good, right?

  3. He's cuuuteee :3

    I love your character profiles! :D

  4. Emmy--Thanks!!!!

    So, who gets him? Me? Kayla? Or you?


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