Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daises and Roses

I've been meaning to do this forever, but I've just now remembered to do it. In fear of forgetting again, I stopped working on my Art Timeline (Oh, how it pained me so...*cough cough*) and started this post.

My friend, Hannah, who is currently in Nashville livin' it up with her Grandmother  has a very, very pretty blog. Before I get to that; let me side track onto that part about her living it up with her Grandma. So, I know you're thoughts are: "Living it up...with a Grandma? Um, how the heck do you do that? My Grandma won't even get out of her chair, let alone the house."

Well, I've only met Hannah's Nashville Granny once, and she's not you're regular 'grandmother'. ;] Hannah is always able to have a lot of fun with her. And guess what, she's even blogged a little about her Granny and Granddaughter experience.

She has great photos too!

So, check it out her blog: Daises and Roses. It's cute! The only thing she needs is for more people to attack her about blogging more. :] So, on MY behalf ( or yours, it doesn't really matter),  pester her to death. xD

With Much Love,


  1. Wow, she has one fun Granny =P My grandmother is like that too. I need to beg her to stop roaming around so much =P I'll definitely check out her blog =)

  2. Hahaha! I see my mom as one of those crazy grannies who are so completely bonkers, they scare everyone. xD

  3. Well thank you very much :D And thank you to Areesha Bilal for following, I really do appreciate it!


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