Friday, September 30, 2011

A Little Bit Better

Ah, finally.
The last few post haven't had photos. My post feel bare, naked, without any photos. My photos might not be amazing, but they sure do make everything feel...better? I like having them around; they make up for my lack of post topics. 

 I've found a new love. It just so happens to be Mineral Water. I got some last night and found it incredibly soothing. 

 I couldn't find the brand I brought for a Walgreens last night, but figured these would do, especially when they're cheeper.

 I'm actually thinking about cropping this one to be focused on the cap and the edge of the bottle. Whuddya think?

                        Possibly my favorite. I think. Waaiiiit, is it this one or the other one? Meh. I like them both!

Having fun making bottle music. The wind decided to help me. I was staring into the sun, so I have this squinty, I-can't-see look going on. 

Now on to yesterdays photos: 

 When I went to D.C, I visited my Grandparents and my Grandmother bought me several dresses. I'm not much of a dress person, but I have several. I do like to wear them for a couple hours, at the max, but I think the main reason I love them is the fact I get to wear heels and I freakin' LOVE heels. I'm not sure why I like those ether... ANYWAY, I told my Gmother I'd take pictures of them for her. I only accomplished taking pictures of this dress so far because afterwords, I was tired.
 It was really hard to get any good pictures. There were large patches of clouds and they'd roll over the sun as soon as I was taking the picture, or they'd head off, making the picture brighter than I attended. Curse you bad lighting.

 Those are my favorite heels. Ever. My Gmother also bought me those. I. LOVE. THEM. Just saying. (Oh, gawh, I'm sounding like such a...a...girl. 0_0 MAKE IT STOP!)
 My cat, Leo, kept on trying to join me in the photos. Of course, when I wanted her in the photo, she wouldn't stay. Leo, you mean little kitty, you.
 Since I had it on on self-timer (5 pictures each round) I would get a series of pictures, each with my hair in the process of blowing in the wind.

Okay, my blog has been lightened up with pictures. 


With Much Love, 


  1. You are abso-flipping-lutley gorgeous! I love the 5th and 6th photos the best.

    That dress is awesome... but those shoes.. THOSE SHOES! They rock. A lot.

  2. Thanks, Hannah!

    I KNOW. I love them so much. I nearly knocked everyone over in the store just to get to them. xD

  3. Adorable shoes!

    I love heels too, but barely every wear 'em because I'm so tall! I love your pretty dress too!

    I remember that bubbly water, my mom loves it, and lots of people drink it in Mexico. So I grew up with it. I used to hate that it didn't taste sweet, but after I gave up soda it was like bubbly bliss from Heaven (^_~)

  4. Haha, I wear them even though I'm tall. My Aunt, who is already 6'1, wears five inch heels all the time!

    Yes! It's a great substitute for soda!
    Yeah, I actually found it in the 'Imported Food' sections of Wal*Mart. xD

  5. I'm scared to try things from the 'Imported Food' sections... lol.


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