Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Story Clips I Found

Random Story #1: 


"Some people you just want to slap, slap, slap. It would be so, so easy. Just walk up, raise your arm and CA-PAM, and then walk away."

Banging around.

"I'm not the only one, right?"

More banging.

"I'm not the only one, who at the moment, wants to slap some since into someone? I'm no, am I? Good."

The conversation ended when the door flew open and I toppled out into Skyler's hallway. He stopped, mid-swing , to look down at me, sprawled out on the floor. Blushing I pushed myself back up and brushed off my pants. 

"Even if I'm not right it doesn't mean you're always right too." I stated. Skyler lowered the hammer and arched one of his dark eyebrows. I could have sworn he almost laughed but I doubted it, he wasn't one to laugh in the first place, let alone in the middle of a debate. 

He pointed the rusty hammer at me, "Don't know what you're talking about," 

"Yes, you do!" I narrowed my eyes. I hated it when Skyler lied because, somehow, you could believe it even if you knew it was a lie. 

"I will once you explain," he said. My cheeks went solid red; I wasn't going to tell the whole dramatic story of our break-up to Skyler with in hearing distance of Richard and Will. They were the last people I needed to know about Skyler and I. If they knew the whole world would know by night. Shoving my hands in my pockets I rocked back on my heels. 

"Stop being an idiot Skyler," I hissed. He put his hands up and looked at Will, who was still hammering away, sweat glistening on his forehead.  

"You hear this, Will? She's accusing me of things again!"

Will grunted, "I'm trying to ignore it. Keep me out of this"

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Random Story #2:


Trig eyed the boy in the baseball hat. He stared back, wide green eyes unwavering. Her mouth moved before she had time to consider the consequences of telling the stout boy her name.


The boy dug into his pocket and pulled out a circular stamp. He pressed the end to Trigs hand before she could pull her hand back. He smiled and pointed in the direction of the elevator.

"Right up there, seventh floor. Have fun," he said. Trig nodded her thanks and then shuffled over to the elevator.


Random Story #3: 

Azure watched the boiling broth threating to seep over the edge of the cast iron pot. Her eyes were unfocused and her chin was resting in her perched hand. A pencil dangled over a notebook page in the other hand about to fall out of her loose fingers. Her face gave the impression of complete boredom, which, even her school teacher would agree, would enraged any master more than ever if he walked in to find his student lazily dozing off in front of her brew.
“Azure!” he hissed through clenched teeth. She rocked back, caught the edge of the table with her knees and let out a startled cry. She nearly fell back onto the floor but Mr. Everwood, although he thought maybe he shouldn't to teach her a lesson, caught the back of her chair and returned it to it's proper position.
“May I reveal a secret to you, Azure?” Mr. Everwood snarled. Azure arched an eyebrow at her tutor. He smiled warmly, hinting that his was just fine with Azure's action.
“Stay...focused!” his voice raised in volume as he slammed his hand down on the old, oak desk. Azure blinked and meekly gave her apologizes. Mr. Everwood paced back and forth in front of the desk, pot and girl. His fingers ran along his chin as he talked.
“Now, you, Azure, have to realize that we're in the most critical part of your training. If what I teach you now doesn't stick then it never will. Are you listening? Good, because next time you zone out, do believe me, I will ground you from soccer for a month.”
Azure's mouth shot open in protest but Mr. Everwood quickly shushed her. He pointed a long, bony finger at her.
“As your father I have every right to ground you,” He straightened and pulled on his shirt, “And as you're master I have every right to ground you too. Now, where were we? Ah, yes, the Ovlten Poison.”
He swung around the edge of the desk and dragged a worn stool up beside Azure and sat down heavily. He nodded towards the broth, now smelling of fruit and cinnamon.
“Now, have you put in all the necessary ingredients, except the Bally fruit, in the pot?”
“Yes, sir, I have,”
“Good, good. Now, keep stirring it, keep on, just like that,”
Azure turned the broth in a circle with a wooden spoon, gritting her teeth as she did. She had no desire to sit in a hard, uncomfortable chair all day staring at a boring, old pot of Ovlten Poison. What was going to do with it anyway? Poison Amy Carlson? Azure's lips curled at the very name.
Amy Carlson, she was the one thing standing in between Azure and the Sports Center Player of the Year award, among other things, like Jackson. If she at least get the award she'd be happy but if Azure could also get her best friend, Jackson Tide, attention in the way Amy did then it would be even better.
“Azure! I swear, pay attention!” bellowed Mr. Everwood.
Azure, startled by Mr. Everwood's out cry, moved her wrist once again, stirring the broth. It didn't take long for her wrist to grow tired as she turned it around in small circles. Mr. Everwood watched closely, waiting for Azure to make some mistake he could nag her about, since he was already annoyed with her. 

Now you see what happens to most of my story ideas. x] 

Some of these are old, the last one isn't too old. I hope enjoy. Haha!


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