Thursday, January 20, 2011

Akita Fiel

{Akita Fiel}
Full Name: Unknown 
Age: Unknown, estimated to be 16 or 17. 

Gender: Female

Personality: Much like the breed of dog breed [Akita Inu] she's named after. Playful, loyal, fearless, but also, sometimes reserved. Her actions towards you always depend on who you are, where she is, and her mood. She's spontaneous, no one can ever predict her actions. 

Hair:Shoulder length brown-ish black hair. It's usually unkempt and pulled back into a braid or ponytail.
Face: Deep brown eyes, oval/diamond shaped face, bronze colored skin, arching eyebrows. 
Height: 5'10
Weight: 135
Farley long legs and arms. 
Usually found wearing black clothing or any other dark colors. Sticks mainly to jeans, tee-shirt and hoodie.

Significant In Story:  Main Character.

Back Story: She lived at Osan Combat School, in Sector 6K, since she was five . That's all she can remember.    

Akita randomly shows up. There is no other way to say it. No one knows were she came from and how she got here but one thing is for sure: she's not human, in any way. A Governmental lab studies her and the wild, black stallion, whom she calls Sol, she arrived with not long after she shows up, in America. They give her a name; Akita Fiel. Naming her after the breed of dog she's most like. The Government is amazed by her fighting ability, strength and stamina. Plans are being made to find out if there are any more of her type but she's planning too. She no longer wants to stay under the labs microscope and, as she finds out, nether do the Lost, a group of people just like her. Confusion breaks out, friends betray friends, no one is sure who to trust, but most of all, death is striking left and right, slowly taking down everyone. 

---        ---        ---        ---        ---        ---        ---

Well, my peeps, what do you think? Every now and again I'll be posting Character Profiles! Akita is the first one. It's hard to do with her because there's so much you'd need to know about the story to get her. I really like her name, even though, in a sense, it's kind of--expected. Well, I mean, it's kind of regular sounding--if possible. So many heroine, kick-butt, fantasy characters have names like that. I make no sense? I make no sense. Haha! Anyway, I am aware that's a picture of Rhianna. Rhianna, I'm said to say, is the only person I could find that had a picture that would fit Akita and also looked like her. Rhianna is truly beautiful, I just don't like her much. I won't let my prejudices get in the way! Haha!

Next, I'll do ether Sol, Xavier, or Cole. Who should I do next? You tell me!

With much love,

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