Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So, my peeps...

Do you like the new look?

The other one just wasn't fitting me. I'm not much of a blue person. It reminded me of winter...and I don't like winter, much.

And this one is just...exciting, I guess.

Do tell me--do you like it, or not?

I hope all is well!

Oh, by the way, poem! Haven't posted one of these bad [literally] boys in a while! This poem is based off of character I made for one of my unfinished stories. I've never actually gotten around to writing the story, which isn't uncommon, but I have it all planned out. Let me tell you: I rarely get past four chapters in a story. Rarely. In fact, I can't remember the last time I did. Have I ever? I have about a TRILLION stories out there. None finishes. Half of them barely began. *sigh* Oh well! Back to the poem.  Here you go:

Trust me, if you will,
I've broken promises, I've made you cry.
Your pride was hurt, with my never ending lies. 
I've made mistakes, over and over,
again and again, in front of you.
I only wish to be your friend, 
to be a shoulder to cry on,
to celebrate when you win.
I might not posses all the power in the world,
but I swear, I will give all I have,
and all I can, to change your world. 
You've made me better, when all I've done,
is hurt you repeatedly, with out apologies. 
How you forgave me, I don't know,
but I swear, I'll never do it again. 
Please, trust me, if you will,
because, I'm not sad to say,
you're all I have. 


Awww, shucks, that sounded terribly cheesy. >.>  Whew, my spelling has been awful today! What is up with THAT? Thank the Lord for spell check. 

Well, with much love,


  1. Lovely poem, and I agree, this background fits you much better. (:

  2. That poem was NOT bad-it was actually pretty darn great! Made me want to cry because I'm a terrible enough person I can completely relate :). May I ask if there was anything in particular that inspired this? And yeah, I like the look-it looks a lot like paper to me, at the top, which is cool.

  3. Elizabeth- Lol! You are NOT a terrible person. In fact, from what I can tell, you're an amazing person! :D
    Other than the relationship between to characters in my story, no. xD


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