Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Homeschool VS Public School

 I made this post a while ago and figured I'd post it now. Now, excuse all the crapiness piled in. Do forgive. I decided not to change much of it, although I want to, because it reminds me of, well, me just a few months ago. Have fun! And I also laugh; seeing me saying that I don't want to partake in it, and yet, sometimes, I still do and don't realize to later that I have and immediately *facepalm*. 

An epic battle that is raging on around us at this very moment:

The Homeschool VS Public School war.

Never heard of it? Well, let me say this: it's a bunch of fleewy..if that's even a word, which I highly doubt it is. Anyway, the HS/PS war is all about one thing, or topic, I shall call it.

Which is better; homeschooling or public schooling? 

I sort of laugh at all who partake in this battle of stupidity because the truth is; it depends on the conditions. Just like weather it depends on where you are and who you are.

What I constantly hear from Homeschooling friends is that Public Schooling is terrible, messed up, and, well, a bad place where kids are given bad influences.
What I hear from Public Schooling friends is that Homeschooling is cruel to kids, stunts their ability to function in the 'real world' and they are too sheltered.

There are some truths to both statements but once again; it depends who and where you are.

My mother, a lovely lady, doesn't shelter me from the world and keep me locked up in the house all day. In fact she encourages me to do things--outside the house. But, sadly, there are Homeschool families [I don't really know any.] who do practically keep their children locked away from the world, which is very, very unfortunate. This doesn't mean all homeschoolers are hidden away but, hey, some are.

Then there are Public Schoolers who are very screwed up and have the wrong ideas about things but, once again, the doesn't mean all Public Schoolers are like that, and, even if one of them are, it doesn't make them an over all terrible person. Get what I'm saying?

Both sides are blindly stabbing fingers at each other, ignoring their own faults, and prodding the others when the truth is both of them are fine choices, it, as I have said too many times, just depends who and where you are!

Now-n-days, yes, I agree homeschoolings a very good choice BUT it's because what has happened to our Public Schools. NOT because Public Schooling is bad, which it is not.

Since I am a homeschooler I have the right to say this: HOMESCHOOLERS GET A GRIP!! If you all think homeschooling is so great then, rather than be needlessly rude to Public Schoolers, be humbled that you are given the chance to be homeschooled! Public Schoolers are only a product of our modern day Public Schools BUT, as I've said before, this doesn't make them bad people.

The kids that go to my local high school aren't evil, they've just been raised in a totally different way than my homeschool friends and I. That doesn't give them much excuse to do wrong things but does bring light into why I'm so different than them! I'm not going condemn them for what their parents/authority failed to do!

Think about it! If we had been shoved in the same position wouldn't we be the same as them? BE HUMBLED. Be thankful that you were given a chance to be nurtured in a better way. I think a lot of Homeschoolers forget that if it wasn't for their parents/guardians/ect. they'd be in the same place, doing the same things and acting the same ways.

Now that I got THAT off my chest...[it's been a huge pet peeve that I've almost yelled/slapped people over...]...I'll head over to Public Schoolers.

So, you peoples who are Public Schooled, realize, for Homeschoolers sake, that you aren't better because you go to Public School! Not all Homeschoolers are oblivious to the world. In fact some are very deep into it. I know it'll surprise you but...Homeschoolers don't live in a box. And not all Homeschoolers are 'old fashioned' Christians. Not saying being a Christain is a bad thing, NOT AT ALL, but we're not all finger pointing, accusing, sheltered [although sometimes I wonder...] freaks!

You may think you're education is just fine but, from experience, you're not getting half you need--most times [Depends where you are. If you live where I do you're not getting anything. Haha!] . The Public School system has been severely screwed up. Trust me, my mother sort of works for them.

Just be aware that not all Homeschoolers are the stereotypical freaks that we're made out to be because it really pisses us off when you treat us like we are.

So, I hope I've 'elightened' both sides because this whole war is S-T-U-P-I-D.
Both types of schoolings have their ups and downs. Depending on the situation, one might have more ups than the other.

So, homeschoolers, get a grip and Public Schoolers, get wise.


I won't deny that at one time I was part of this ridiculous war but, hopefully, I am past that. :]

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