Friday, January 14, 2011

Work, Rally and Roll.

Today was my first day of work! And I have one word for ya':


I really, really like my new job. My job is being a Pet Groomers Assistant! Really, what a great job. My last job was okay, I guess, but I was babysitting and just in case you don't know; I don't do kids, much. But, with this job, I get to work with DOGS. Cute, cute, dogs! Ms Judy is very nice too. She was sweet and I felt relaxed with her, which is good for me, a pretty shy girl. Today, all I did, and what I'll be doing, was washing dogs. It's a nice job to have. You just rinse them down with the sprayer, the smaller they are, the easier it is, rub some soap [different dogs use different soaps, mostly they all use the same ones though] and then you rinse them down again. Then you rub them down, slightly, stick them in their crates and put the dries, which are just like giant blow dries for dogs, in a sense, in front of their crate! Wha-la!

Not hard and fun! I appreciate Holly telling me about this job, it's a blessing. The only problem is; when mom has to work we have to find some way to get me to work. I, she said, will usually work, depending on how many dogs there are, from nine to eleven-ish, which was true for today.

Tomorrow is the [fill in my state]'s Pro-Life rally! I'm very excited to take part in this for the second year in a row. We'll be going to the breakfast also, which sounds great. I like my food.

That's all that's going on in my life, friends!


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  1. Life is full of surprises! One day you are washing a poochie and the next you are marching on the state capital...after breakfast of course.


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