Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bye Holly, with much love!

A friend, Holly, had to move today. I don't know her too well but it's still kind of sad. I was hoping to get to know her better, but, hopefully, God will bless her with her new life in a new town!

I plan to still contact her through the phone, Internet and...well, I guess I can go old fashion, and write letters. But, after this, I'm glad I've never had a really close friend move. It had to be devastating, especially when you're really young. When we moved, far, I was to little to really care and I met awesome people, like the Stanleys and then the Logan's [LOL] right of the bat, so, it wasn't bad for me.

But, thinking back, it had to be hard for my older brothers and mom. After all, they had all made friends and had to leave them behind. Also, on my first move, they had to leave one of the BEST HOUSES EVER behind. That had to be rough because it was a beautiful house, great yard, and pecan tree in the back yard. I have nothing but good memories of that house.

Ever since we haven't made huge moves like that one. We've moved all around one county, which his nice, because I haven't had to 'loose' any friends like Kendra and her sister, whom I have know since I was about, I don't know, seven, right? [Guys! Can you BELIEVE it's been that long? Pretty crazy, right? Wow.]

Speaking of houses, look what happened to this dude! [Thank you, Emmy, for the video. xD] Imagine THIS happening to you? I don't know what I'd do. 0_0

So, that's all my peeps!




    We're so cool.


  2. Cool?

    We're beyond cool. We are the definition of cool.


  3. That is just surreal. You think you're having a bad day? Imagine returning home from work to---NO HOME. Not burned down, blown over by a tornado, struck by lightning, just GONE. Wow.


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