Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Travel The Newest Path

This year is stopping for no one.

Remember how I was sad about missing out on this years Youth Mission Week? Well, thanks to my amazing friend, Cassidy, I have been going in the afternoons after her and I get off work. Much love to her. I have no pictures, because I didn't really feel safe bringing my camera for an extended stay there among all the wild teens, but I am bringing it tonight to capture some of the amazing times we have.

Also, my friend Stephanie got back from her trip to Europe with People to People. She was reading her journal to several of us last night. It sounded like an amazing adventure and made me want to see the beauty of Italy even more. I use to be torn between Italy and Ireland, but now I can't help but think that Italy is the place to be. Since Stephanie is a writer, she was amazing at describing all she had seen and, dang, I wanted to book a flight straight to Italy.

I've heard my Dad go on and on about Italy. My mom too. They've shown me pictures, but for some reason, hearing it from Stephanie, in her words, made me thirst for it more. I can't wait for my turn to go out of country! I want to go someplace where my family has yet to go.

That would basically be Russia and New Zealand.

Oh well! They both sound like an amazing adventure ready to be opened up. I still want to go to Ireland, Italy, and Germany. I know people who have/will be going to all of those. I feel envy and excitement at the same time. Half of me is so jealous of them and the other half can feel their joy and can't wait to know the full experience.

So, Steph, I'm glad you're back. Safe and sound. You're an awesome person. Don't forget it.

And, everyone else, tell me where you want to go or have been that's outside of America or wherever you live. I just can't wait to make that trip. What about you?

For now I'll have to settle with traveling the path of an unknown future, with school coming up and dance tryouts. I'm going to try and enjoy this year, even if it's not spent in some foreign country. Right? Right.


With Much Love,

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