Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Changed It, Yes I Did.

Well, yeah, I changed my blog look. Again.

I wasn't dealing with the old 'look' well and found I liked it like this much, much more. No anger.
Anyway, I figured I'd update you on myself, the Suffocating Blogger. No, actually, I'm doing just fine for the most part and don't plan on dying [Haha, famous last words, right?] anytime soon.

My mom set up another appointment for me today when I did not get better. Basically, the doctor, who was kind of baffled himself, believes that it's just my seasonal allergies kicking my butt. Badly. He gave me some medicine, allergy medicine, that gives me hope that my up-coming busy weekend will not be totally ruined. You see, I was [And still am for the most part.] upset about being sick because I might miss a several events coming up. Protocol, The Human Race and the Crystal Ball. Out of all of those the one I DIDN'T want to miss was Protocol. It's a formal event for students, to put it simply.

Sadly, that is FRIDAY night, which means I'm running out of time to get better. I plan to bounce back tomorrow. Although that might be MY plan, I don't know if it's GOD's plan. I've been praying and I'm pretty confident that God will take care of me, no matter what. Right? I know for sure I won't be doing the Human Race, which is a walk for non-profits. I only raised about 25 bucks. I didn't put in a lot of effort but I do think something is better than nothing! Haha!

So, that's that.
The weather here is amazing! It's been up in the 80's. Yes, the 80's. Bliss. I love warm weather, although you WILL hear me complaining about it being hot. Trust me, I love this weather. Although, I've been kind of bound to being on my butt while I'm out. This weather reminds me the summer, sweet summer, is only a couple steps away and I just have to hold out till then. For now, I will settle with taking pictures that look all warm and spring-like.

(c) Magnolia House Prod./Lia Day

I'm going to make this post longer and talk about the twenty-trillion movies I've watched over the past few days. I bet we've just paid everyone who works for Redbox! Anyway, since Monday I've been sitting on my butt watching movies because that's just about all I CAN do. So far, I've liked just about two movies out of all of them and that was one I had already seen, Despicable Me.

After Despicable Me I watched Takers:

Sucked, why? Because, it's just another I-Want-A-Movie-Full-Of-Shooting-But-I-Don't-Care-About-The-Plot-Or-Characters-And-Add-A-Bunch-Of-Useless-Cussing. That sums it up. The action scenes weren't even exciting. The cussing just seemed thrown in there at the wrong moments. And, they kill the cutest guy in the movie first. How lame does it get?

Next it was The Tourist:
The only good part in this movie, to me, is Johnny Depp playing Frank, an awkward nerd. It's one of those movies that just wants to be what everyone is looking for but it ISN'T. It wants the 'mysterious' and 'action', mixed with romance and comedy feel and it only came off as...I don't know, a Nice-Try-But-You-Failed type of movie. I think they could have done better, but it was nice for a few laughs! [Wow, I'm just being all cynical over here. Well, I'm being HONEST.]

Next on the list, Unstoppable.
Finally, a movie I loved. Beware: Suspense is HIGH. My mom was clawing the back of the couch and I sat upright just about the whole time. It was a great movie, and got you attached to the characters with out knowing much about them. I also liked the lighting. I know, that sounds strange but it's true. When the movie ended, my heart rate was super high and was slowly going down. You have about five heart attacks every minute. I like. :]

The last movie is...*drumroll*...Red.
It was funny. It was unbelievable [not in a good way].So, a fifty-fifty on it. I want to say they were making fun of Shoot 'Em Up spy movies, which have been coming out A LOT lately. Well, let's just HOPE they are, right? Overall, if I had to tell you in one word..., it wouldn't be a word. It would be: Meh. [Or, I'd just shrug.]

There. Those are the movies I've been sitting on my butt and watching. I also broke out the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Season One', which I always do when I'm sick. It's a wonderful laugh and, hey, I love Will Smith. Him and his huge ears. :]

Well, my friends. I'm going to go read before I go to bed! Goodnight!



  1. I LOVE those first three pictures especially. :D

    Get better, and keep on rocking,

  2. Loved all of your pictures, and I just watched Unstoppable last night-very intense. I wanted to murder Dewey. And his partner, who could have jumped on farther back and worked his way to the front. But it really was a great movie :)! And aww, I loved RED! It was meant to be a comedy, so I was fine with the lack of realism xD. And I seriously loved Karl Urban's character... and Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich, and Morgan Freeman, and Bruce Willis... xD LOL. I hope you start feeling better soon! Isn't it annoying when doctors are just as confused as you? :-P

  3. I know! I kind of felt bad for Dewey, too. I mean, I'd want to die after I did THAT.

    I LOVED Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman [I've always loved Mr. Morgan.]!!! My favorite part actually, is in the end where they are in Moldova or whatever it's called. xD

    Yeah, it's kind of freaky! You're thinking, "Hmmm, so--why the heck am I here if you have no clue what's wrong with me?"


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