Saturday, March 19, 2011

If We Ain't Got No Tolls, We Ain't Got No Rolls!

Robin Hood: Men in Tights, one of the best movies ever. [If you're lost: my blog post title came from the movie!]

Lately, since the weather has been so nice, I've been taking a LOT of photography with my amazing camera! Last week, my mom and I went on a walk and I took my camera. We took our dog, Luna along. 
I also got the chance to take pictures of our neighbors hyper, car-chasing dog. I don't know his name, but he's  beautiful. He would have been an even better model if he stood still. 

At one point, while we were walking towards the 'Downtown' area, so I could take pictures of the old-timey shops, we were visited by a sweet, gray cat. He let me pet him, then as soon as he was done, he strutted away. This cat was also a natural model. He'd stop and pose, and my word, his eyes were amazing. It's like they had a voice of their own. 

It was a nice walk, full of fun photography!

Also, the other night I decided to take pictures of a few of my stuffed animals. I have this HUGE, old baby crib that is full to the brim with stuffed animals. Let's just say I use to be a stuffed animal enthusiast.  :]
WunderMunkee, my super hero.

Sock Monkey! One of the three my brother Aaron made, long ago. He had one without eyes, one without ears, and the other without a mouth, which is the one I have. 

Rosie or Rosey, depends. It's strange though..., I've always seen it as a guy dog... 

Most of my stuffed animals don't have names because I can never remember them all. This is one of them. xD

There a plenty more, but they will do for now. 
Finally, I show you pictures of a warm day, with flowers blooming everywhere.  

I'm loving this weather, a lot. It was in the 70's today, if I'm right. Oh, how I miss summer and it's lively ways...

And, yes, a few of the photos, the ones from the walk, were edited for a little better lighting. :]


All photos © to Lia Day/The Magnolia House Productions 


  1. Rosey Grier is a very famous retired football player, so your Rosey most certainly can be a boy dog! ("Rosey" is a nickname for Roosevelt)

  2. Oh, thank you! That works for poor Mr.Rosey.


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