Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Night and Life Ahead!

Last night was so much fun. I was expecting it to be fun, but not THAT fun. Not only did I get to spend time with Grace, a friend I haven't been able to hang out with in forever, but I knew a bunch of people at the 'Crystal Ball', I felt pretty confident, and I learned how to Tango, Polka, sort of Waltz, or something like that, and Salsa.

Grace came over around four and we got ready. She wore one of the cutest outfits ever!
Is that not amazingly cute? You can't convince me otherwise. Anyway, after Grace, my mother and I were ready to leave we chugged on over [haha] to my brother and his wife's house. We had an amazing dinner of Shish-kabobs, mashed potato and apple crisp type stuff. xD Before dinner though, I forced Grace to go out into their back yard and let me take pictures of her. Grace is a very, very cold model in these pictures but, hey, she still did a good job!

Isn't she beautiful? :D

I can't decided if I like it better in color, or in sepia!

Natural model gaze going on, right? :DDD

Grace's true personality shining through. I got one of these looks every other picture. I'm use to it. :]

Pretty, pretty, pretty! And you better freakin' BELIEVE IT, GRACE!

Guys drop dead when she walks by. Okay, no, not really...although they should. xD

So sweet in pictures, but she's actually a mean little midget. I mean, I love you Grace!!!!
Hmm, I don't know why I love this picture some much. :D

 I was successful in getting, if I may say so, great pictures of Grace. I admit I used an editor to give them a warmer tint, but other than that, most of them, I don't think, have been tampered with. :]

Both of us were rocking some pretty awesome shoes.

Our outfits went pretty well together and our shoes were a LOT alike, actually. You can see the tomboy in me because I, of course, have a nice cut on my foot from running around! xD

Best buds have the best shoes. 

Anyway, after we ate we all went to the Ball, including my brother and sister-in-law, who looked fabulous. At the Ball they were teaching anybody who wanted to do all these different kinds of dances. Aaron and Emily danced every single time, never sitting down. They seemed to have a ball, no pun attended. Okay, yes, pun attended.

My friend Paige, from my CC class, was there, along with two guys from our class too. Friends, Matthew and Sarah, from a local Students For Life group that my Students For Life group is in contact with were there. And, a church friend, David, was there. I recognized a few other kids there, but didn't know them well enough to talk to them much.

Paige had the cutest little brother ever. He has just about every girl, older than ten, wrapped around his finger. He's already a charmer, wooing just about every girl.
Paige. I'm sorry, ever picture I got of her , she was making funny her food. 

Elijah! :D
I danced with Grace once. I was the gentleman that time. Then I danced with Paige to the polka. Since both the lady and gentleman had the same moves we just danced and giggled, since in this dance a lot of skipping, stomping and jumping was required and we were in heels. Needless to say, I bet we looked like fools! And I'm completely fine with that.

Then, after everyone took a break, Paige and I forced the two guys from our class to dance with us. Well, I shouldn't say forced because when we told them they had to dance with us they just shrugged, which wasn't what we were expecting.

When the dancing started back we went over with our 'partners' and waited to be told what we were doing. One of the guys turns to us and says, "If it's the tango, I'm quitting."

Right after he says this the lady announces, "We're doing the tango next!"

Paige and I burst out laughing. I told them, they ether dance with us or with one another. They didn't seem to like ether idea. xD Anyway, we learned how to tango. I hate to say it, but my dance partner caught on quicker than me. I just use the excuse that, since I was the girl, I had to walk backwards.

Later on, Paige and I learned how to Salsa, which I must say was the easiest for me. Paige and I are killer dancers! Even out in the hall way, on our way to the bathroom, we danced around. I'm also proud of myself because I Shanay turned half-way down the hallway with out running into a wall. I've got skill, right? xD

So, the whole night was a blast. I couldn't have asked for anything better! I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Over the weekend, I realized that I, mostly, still maintain my tomboy self while being girly at times. Not like being girly is bad, at all. It can be fun! I guess it's just strange for me since I'm use to be FAR, FAR from girly. My wardrobe use to consist of soccer shorts and soccer tee-shirts. [Could you tell I use to love soccer?] Occasionally, even now, you'll find me with shoes. I'm strange. I love finding cute shoes, but I hate wearing them. Funny, isn't it?

Well, I'll finally end this really long post!


All photos copyrighted [C] to Magnolia House Productions/Lia Day


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  2. *rolls eyes* I don't even know the dude. x]

  3. You learned to Polka!?!?!? AWESOME!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

    Everybody looks beautiful, I'm glad you all had such a good time!!!


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