Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Acting Like A Girl...

Yes, guys...I'm acting like a girl. I was excited over a new pair of shoes. Just in case you didn't know this: I don't do things like that. I'm one of those girls who doesn't go shopping much, tries to look good but gives up because she doesn't care enough, and is color blind when it comes to clothing.

But, shoes, I love shoes. I actually LIKE high-heels. Every since I started dancing I've been able to walk, even jump around, in them. I like shoes.


So, I had to get shoes for the Crystal Ball, which is happening this Saturday. [Yes, I get to go to Protcol and the Crystal Ball! :D:D:D:D] We went to the only actual shoe store in our small, small town, Shoe Show. I found the cutest shoes. Ever.

I took pictures of them, just for you guys to see. Warning: from some angels they look like granny shoes, which was what I first thought when I saw them in the box. Looks can be deciving, because they're so CUTE on.

It's not a bow, it's a knot. Who would have thought THAT could be so cute?

They're great models. ;]

I also give you pictures of the dress I'm wearing to the Crystal Ball. It looks boxy when it's not on somebody. I admit it though, on--it looks amazing, even on me. Thank you Miss J. [My boss] for giving me this dress!

See, it looks like it would make you look all fat, but it's actually sliming. :D

A better view of the pattern.
[c] to Magnolia House Productions/Lia Day
*Sigh* Okay, I'll stop acting like a girl. It's freaking me out. I'll have pictures of the dress I'm wearing to Protocol tonight soon too. :D

Tell me, what's one thing that brings out one side of you that you don't like? Like, for me, it's being girly. It's like a cheese grater to the forehead to me, and I don't know why. *Sigh* [Once again.]

Anyway, I'm excited! I'm getting ready to start straightening my hair! One down side to being interracial[If your one of those people who DON'T know what that is, take a nice long look at the word.]: having afro hair mixed in with just about every other type of hair there is. Plus side: My skin tone can go with all the bright colors you white people can't pull off. ;]

Hmm, maybe if the Saxons knew that about the Africans there would have been no slavery...
[Just so you know, I'm joking here. Joking. xD]

Well, toodles!


  1. It's taken me a while to embrace my girlyness, but I'm still not a girly girl. What I mean is, you can be feminine and enjoy beauty and love shoes (I LOVE SHOES, GOSH DARN IT! LOVELOVELOVE), without being the stereotypical (somewhat stupid) girly girl. And there are girls who are girly girls who aren't stupid at all, and don't fit the stereotype. One of my friends is a girly girl, but she's really smart and has her head on her shoulders, and is a generally awesome person :). So don't beat yourself up-you ARE a girl, and letting yourself enjoy that fact every now and then won't kill you ;). I've grown up a total tomboy-was a bit of a scrapper, loved tree climbing, a jean wearer who hated pink… and I've recently started to embrace my femininity when it comes to my wardrobe… I bought a skirt, and dug up some of my mom's old skirts, and my black (high heeled) boots are practically attached to my feet (though I wear my converse about as often ;) ). And I love your dress (and shoes!). I just got my prom dress, and am so psyched about senior prom… though I still need to find shoes! And gosh, I'm almost albino… which means I'm totally jealous :D. I can't really wear white, or any light color, unless I've got a serious tan :-P. Probably why I live in blacks and purples and blues all winter xD. Anyway, I hope you have tons of fun at the Crystal Ball, and can't wait to see your protocol dress! (I've never done protocol, always prom, and one trip to symphony which was kind of a substitute protocol, but my sister went a couple times :) ). What annoys me most about myself is when I procrastinate because I'm such a perfectionist and am scared of screwing up. I really, really, REALLY hate that about myself :-P.

  2. I know, I know...
    But it just feels so...WRONG, to act like a girl I mean. xD

    I wore a dress to church a couple weeks ago on my own free will. 0_o

    Haha, me too! I love to have things perfect, I'm just too lazy to take care of it. xD


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