Friday, August 26, 2011

Because I have nothing else to do...

Because I have nothing else to post about, I'm going to show you a few new clothes items I got. Since I'm...frugal at times, I got these on sale at K-Mart. They were 40% off their already marked down price. Half of them were around 5 bucks.

When I took the pictures I began to have too much fun with it, which explains all the ridiculous poses. I think I had too much soda, but that's okay. Maybe.

There is one sparrow falling, like it's dead. YAY, HAPPINESS!

Just so you know, this isn't my room. My room is messy, just not this bad. 

I was falling...xD

Dis is my shirt and this shirt is mine. 

So, I originally took these photos to show friends, but ended up having too much fun with my camera. xD I've also found that flash isn't always a bad thing. I use to hate it with all my might, but now I kind of like it...

Wait, what? I'm the girl that cursed flash every time she used it. I like flash now. Cool, right?

Anyway, I'll stop rambling.
With Much Love,

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  1. Very lovely outfits. iMight go to K-Mart then to get clothes for school also ~


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