Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Face of Lia

You shall now, finally, see the face of Lia.
Yeah, don't be shocked but so much. It's nothing special. Haha!

Anyway, since I've been low on photography to share (because I'm just too lazy to do much right now.) I resorted to using a picture of me. Don't scream. Don't panic. I can't help that I'm just that gorgeous. Juuussttt kidding.

Anyway, here we go...


Holy Crap! It's Lia! Yeah, I got lucky with my hair in this picture. I must have just gotten out the shower while my hair was still particularly...manageable. Anyway, I actually like this picture of me.

And...yeah, I don't like this one.

These are pictures taken by Hannah on the day of Crystal Ball with my camera. I straightened my hair, which takes about two hours, SO YOU BETTER LIKE IT. Haha!

And this is the day after and I was...WHIPPING MA HAIR BACK'N FOOORRTH! I love that song. Not really. Well, I love to make fun of it. And dance to it. (I'm a little hyper if you couldn't tell.)

 But, as usual, I'm too lazy to search my computer for more of my photography of me. Wow, that sounded so vain.

Okay, so now you have seen Lia. Happy now? You better be. :P

With Much Love,

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